With the weather so up-and-down in the Hamilton area, our focus is on keeping your home comfort consistent. What’s most important right now is getting your air conditioner ready for summer, so HAMCO is offering savings on air conditioner maintenance.

Until April 30, 2016, HAMCO Heating & Cooling is offering $25 off air conditioner maintenance.

Properly maintaining your air conditioner is essential for cutting costs on your home comfort. So, HAMCO’s spring maintenance sale is like saving money on saving money.

Maintenance will increase the efficiency of your system, identify potential problems early, increase your indoor air quality and, if you still have one, validate your warranty.

Over the course of the winter, the indoor and outdoor units that combine to operate your cooling system will gather dust, dirt and debris that, if ignored, will cause problems. Cleaning your system from these buildups will help improve efficiency and indoor air quality. If your system goes on unattended, these disturbances will get into your system’s ducts and blower, disrupting airflow and polluting your air.

In the spring, this can become even more of an annoyance with the onset of allergy season.

The dirtier your system (and its filters) the more likely it is to circulate allergens throughout your home and disturb everyone’s comfort. Addressing that early can allow allergy season to come and go without you ever noticing it happened.

The same applies to parts or a system failure in your air conditioner including electrical issues or refrigerant leaks.

Our expert staff can help identify potential concerns in your system and before a larger, more expensive repair is necessary, we will make sure your system is running smoothly. This is why it’s required within any manufacturer limited parts warranty to have your system serviced annually.

Our manufacturers offer up to 12 years in limited parts warranties, so by maintaining your system, you’re significantly reducing the amount and price of necessary repairs.

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