HAMCO Heating & Cooling has been committed to bringing high standards of heating and cooling needs to our customers since 1946. We believe in treating our customers like family, and offering the best we can to ensure your comfort. That’s why we’re happy to offer great savings from one of our recognized home comfort service providers, York.

From April 1st until June 30th, 2016, York is offering incredible rebates on select qualifying home comfort systems that HAMCO is proud to carry as a licensed dealer. If you’re in need of replacing your entire system, including your furnace, air conditioner and thermostat, York has you covered with $1,700 in rebates when you replace your system.

Here are the full details of your potential savings:

  • Up to $1,700 in instant cash rebates when you purchase a qualifying York furnace and air conditioning unit.
  • Up to $650 in savings incentives from IESO (Independent Electricity System Operator) saveONenergy Heating and Cooling when you install a qualifying Energy Star and high efficiency certified units!
  • Up to $500 in incentives from Union Gas’ rebate program

The savings don’t end there! With your purchase of Energy Star or high efficiency certified heating and cooling systems, you can receive monetary incentives upon installation and future savings just by installing more efficient systems within your home.

These new, efficient systems are guaranteed to lower your utility costs per year and lower your environmental footprint. Not only that, you’ll be able to put those savings to use on things you’d much rather spend your money on than old, broken down home comfort systems.

The spring season is a great time to get out with the old and in with the new, so consider switching out your old, ineffective home comfort system for a new, efficient one that will continuously keep you happy and comfortable in your home environment while saving you money.

Call our experts at HAMCO today, where we will help you find the best York system to fit your needs and get you great savings this season.

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