Furnaces and air conditioners can be a pain, which is why we recommend you leave it to the experts. You can have worry-free home comfort when you sign up for a HAMCO protection plan!

If all is going well, you likely haven’t thought about your furnace or air conditioning system since the last time: a) you had to adjust your thermostat b) it stopped working. Thinking this way can often be a recipe for disaster.

By failing to pay attention to your systems, you are simply waiting for the next problem to occur and problems can be expensive.

By signing up for a plan, you can leave all of that up to the experts. Here’s a breakdown of each of our plans and what they offer:

HAMCO Protection

Our plans come in three different levels: Maintenance, Standard Protection and Premium Protection. Sign up for a premium protection plan to get FREE annual, multi-point maintenance on your system, 5 FREE diagnostic, FREE repairs up to a $1,500 annual maximum and up to $1,000 towards the installation fees of a new system!

Here are some of the expensive repairs you’ll be able to avoid with a Premium Protection Plan:

HAMCO Protection
That’s why we created our HAMCO Protection Plans. These plans relieve the worry of a broken down furnace on a cold winter’s night or a malfunctioning air conditioner on a smouldering hot summer day.*All prices are estimates. If these repairs are combined with any other repairs, cost with protection may change.

Depending on the issue, furnace repairs can be unexpected and very expensive and leave you with minimal financial options. By signing up for one of our maintenance plans, HAMCO offers you the opportunity to have a set budget for furnace maintenance and allocate your funds accordingly. Planning ahead can go a long way.

So leave the worrying to us and sign up for a HAMCO Protection Plan today! Click here for full details.

Start living worry-free with a HAMCO Protection Plan today!

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