The holiday season is a time for giving gifts and spreading joy, and HAMCO Heating & Cooling is excited to do just that by bringing you seasonal savings with $25 off of a furnace maintenance when you enter promo code hohohamco! Avoid frustrating breakdowns and the need for heating service in the middle of winter by getting your furnace maintenance in (at a discount!) before it happens.

Scheduling furnace maintenance is essential for your home heating system. Most times, a furnace could be experiencing small problems that most homeowners don’t know to look for. These small problems can result in serious (and costly) issues that no one wants to deal with, especially around or after the holiday season!

When your furnace is experiencing issues with functionality, performance or is clogged up with dirt, it’s working much harder to keep your home warm and is therefore running inefficiently. This, in turn, costs you more on your monthly utility bills and will likely eventually lead to an expensive breakdown.

Many of the emergency heating service requests we receive in the winter could have been avoided if preventative maintenance had been performed. Having a professional inspect your unit will also ensure that you’re avoiding unnecessary health risks – our HAMCO experts will also check for any potential warning signs that may indicate any dangerous problems or carbon monoxide leaks.

It’s an expensive time of year! The holidays cost everyone a lot more than they would usually spend, but you can SAVE $25 this time around with HAMCO when you enter promo code hohohamco and get your furnace checked over and thoroughly cleaned for less.

*Enter the promo code hohohamco online here when you schedule your appointment today and avoid stressful, emergency heating service!*

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