Similar to your refrigerator, your heat pump uses refrigerant to cool your home in the summer and heat it up in the winter. Usually, you don’t have to worry about your heat pump’s refrigerant, but sometimes due to simple wear and tear or common disrepair, you may experience a refrigerant leak. If your heat pump isn’t cooling your home adequately all of a sudden, you may have a refrigerant leak; here’s how to know if your heat pump has low refrigerant.

A heat pump that’s working properly should never become low on refrigerant, but if it has a small leak in one of the main connector points, you’ll see a decline in the amount of refrigerant and thus, a decline in conditioned air. To see if your heat pump is running out of refrigerant, check its main connector points on the outdoor unit for leaks. This may result in oil stains on the wall near the indoor head or around the outdoor unit.

Refrigerant helps to keep the air cold, which means it can freeze the water or condensation around the heat pump. If you feel as though you may be low on refrigerant, check to see if there is ice on or around your system, if so, it’s most likely that your refrigerant is leaking and you need to call to have it repaired.

Inefficient Performance
Indoor heads contain filters ensure these have been checked and cleaned. A plugged filter will prohibit the unit from running as well as it could. If you don’t notice water or ice on or around your heat pump, that doesn’t mean that a lack of refrigerant isn’t the issue. If you notice that your home isn’t being kept adequately cool this summer, your system is turning off when it isn’t supposed to, or you’re noticing warm spots throughout the house, this could be because a lack of refrigerant is putting undue stress on your system. In this case, it’s best to call for professional advice or repair with the experts at HAMCO as soon as possible.

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