It seems like the fall season was waiting for the official end of summer to sweep right in. It’s been significantly colder these last few days and we hate to say temperatures will only be dropping further. It’s time to get prepared for the upcoming winter and make sure you invest in furnace repair before the temperatures drop to sub-zero levels.

Even though you weren’t using your heating in the sweltering summer months, a lot can happen to the system, including corrosion. Corrosion can be hazardous to your furnace and even to your safety, depending on where it is. The fan on your furnace does run year round for both heating and cooling seasons so getting it check prior to the heating season is highly recommended to ensure a proper safe operation and a safe and comfortable home.

When you schedule furnace repair in advance of the winter season, you’ll know that your system will run smoothly all winter long. For instance, a professional can repair small damage and spot other issues that come with age and wear and tear that can lead to future breakdowns. A pro will remove grease build-up, tighten up any loose pipes or panels and look for any signs of leaking.

As a homeowner, you can keep an eye out for things that could indicate the urgent need for furnace repair:

  • Higher energy bills: if you start to notice an increase in how much you’re paying each month, your system is likely running inefficiently
  • Allergies: poor air quality from a failing system can lead to a stuffy home
  • Thermostat appears to malfunction: if you consistently increase your home’s temperature but don’t feel a difference, the furnace is likely experiencing issues

It’s never worth risking your home comfort when it matters most this winter. The best step to take is to invest in furnace repair before it gets cold and icy, and your HAMCO professionals can help.

HAMCO is equipped and prepared for all of your furnace repair needs, and assist with all necessary maintenance so your home comfort systems will run smoothly this winter. Contact us for more information here.

Stay warm! Book a furnace repair service appointment today.

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