Over the years, our service technicians have seen a lot of work-gone-wrong, many times from homeowners trying to save some money by doing work that should have been done by a professional. While there are tasks around the house that an ambitious homeowner can certainly complete on their own, a furnace installation is definitely something that is best left to a certified, licensed heating, ventilation and air conditioning technician.

Incorrectly installing a furnace can have dire consequences, including natural gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning. Incorrect connections between the furnace and the gas main can lead to gas leaks in your home. A poorly installed venting system can allow carbon monoxide to escape into your home. This odorless, colorless gas is toxic and combustible. Certified professionals have tools and procedures in place to double (and triple check) that a newly installed furnace does not have any gas leaks, produce carbon monoxide and will not pose any danger to you, your family and your home.

Beyond safety reasons, there are other ways in which a novice installer can make a mistake during furnace installation, leading the unit to run inefficiently. An improperly installed furnace will not work as it was designed and can cause premature wear and tear on parts, which leads to costly repair bills and a shorter life expectancy of the unit. With furnace installation, you have to be proficient in a wide range of skills and own highly specialized tools. The average handyperson will not have the necessary skills or tools to complete the job.

Finally, if you’re considering performing your own furnace installation, be sure to read your warranty in full. Most warranties are only valid if all installations, furnace repair and parts replacement are performed by a licensed professional. The moment you work on your furnace yourself, you may nullify your warranty and eventually have to pay for parts and service out of pocket.

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