When installing a new heating system, HAMCO Heating and Cooling Ltd. manufacturers the necessary furnace ductwork in-house. Many people don’t think twice about their ductwork, but it’s an important part of keeping your home warm. By producing all the needed materials, we’re able to ensure the quality of ductwork and make sure it fits perfectly in your home to increase comfort and energy efficiency.

Regular ductwork comes in standard sizes, but homes have unique features and layouts. By fabricating custom furnace ductwork, you can ensure that there won’t be awkward bends or gaps in the run. This will help move heated air evenly throughout the home, improving comfort for everyone.

Our custom ductwork is typically a heavier gauge than most standard store-bought, allowing the ductwork to hold its shape and eliminate any popping sounds that occur with lighter gauge ducts. Another benefit of custom furnace ductwork is that it can help improve efficiency. It’s important to have properly sized ductwork for your particular furnace and home. Sometimes standard ducts are too big or too small, causing undue strain on the heating system. This can increase monthly energy bills and also decrease your furnace’s lifespan.

Not all heating and cooling companies manufacture their own ducts, but HAMCO Heating and Cooling Ltd. is proud that we produce ductwork needed for our projects right onsite. Manufacturing custom furnace ducts is more labour intensive than just using standard ones—but it’s worth it for home comfort and efficiency.

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HAMCO Heating & Cooling Ltd. has been proudly serving Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and surrounding areas for over 70 years. We’ve built strong and lasting relationships with our customers by providing them with the highest quality service and equipment to fit their needs.

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