Our homes are our havens- the places we can depend on to be most comfortable and where we can completely relax. We find ways to ensure that the many aspects of our indoor environments are optimized to fit our needs, and this includes year-round humidity control. Ensuring that your home is held at an appropriate level of humidity through all of Canada’s seasons is vital for your comfort and your house itself.

Both low humidity and high humidity can have a significant negative impact on you and your home if not adjusted appropriately.

Effects of Low Humidity:

  • Dry skin, eyes and throat, chapped lips and an increase in static electricity.
  • Higher risk of asthma and increase in allergies.
  • A higher risk of catching and spreading colds and viruses due to bacteria thriving in dry air.
  • The structure of your home and any wooden furniture may begin to crack and paint will chip and flake away.
  • Increase of dust accumulation.

Effects of High Humidity:

  • High risk of mildew and mold and a significant increase in musty odours.
  • Uncomfortable damp, humid feeling indoors with condensation along pipes, windows and ductwork, and likely discolouration on walls and floors.
  • Warped wood, both in house structure and interior furniture.
  • Potential for cracked concrete and peeling paint.
How can you combat these effects?

By promoting effective humidity control with a whole-home humidifier and dehumidifier. This way, you’ll be able to manage your comfort and health and the durability of your home.

A humidifier essentially adds a precise amount of moisture to your home; working to balance the dry air your furnace has forced you to feel in your home. Your air conditioner, which acts as a dehumidifier, is effective in the summer months working to remove the humidity in your home. It pulls the damp air over warm and cool coils that contain refrigerant, which in turn condenses the moisture in the air.

By using these products effectively, you will receive complete humidity control throughout each season and precisely balanced indoor air for a comfortable environment at home.

HAMCO Heating & Cooling Ltd. proudly carries state of the art humidity control systems to meet all of your needs and budget.

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