Condo living has countless benefits and appeals to thousands of renters and buyers across Hamilton. However, as appealing as these modern residences are, a lot of condo dwellers are finding a common problem amongst themselves—poor HVAC systems. The good news is that you don’t have to settle for sharing a common heating and cooling system with your neighbours; purchasing a ductless condo air conditioning system comes with an abundance of benefits and will improve your home comfort significantly.

Some of the main values of a ductless condo air conditioning system that appeal to homeowners include:

  1. Easy Installation
    When we say easy we mean very easy! A ductless system requires two small, seamless units (for indoors and outdoors) and, clearly, no ductwork. This is truly what makes them so easy to install, as they’re hooked up by thin wiring and refrigeration lines that can fit through an (approximately) 3-inch hole through your wall. Typically, the installation can be completed in a single day. 
  1. Quiet Operation
    A ductless system runs much more quietly than the rumbling of a central air conditioner or the shaking and rattling of a window unit. If peace and quiet is something you appreciate, a ductless condo air conditioning system is definitely the unit for you.
  1. Low Operating Costs
    Ductless condo air conditioning systems are highly efficient. The use much less energy to run than any other cooling unit, especially the HVAC system your building currently uses. Their low operation cost is one of this systems’ most important values, so you won’t be surprised that your cooling costs for the entire summer total ~$120!
  1. Comfort
    Not only does the ductless air conditioning system have the ability to keep you comfortable 24 hours a day, it will also help you breathe easier due to its highly effective air filters. These filters remove pollution particles and allergens from your home’s air and are easy to remove, clean or replace.
  2. Increase in Condo Value
    Finally, your new ductless system will increase your condo’s value. This is because of their high energy-efficiency, air purification benefits, plentiful savings and their ease of installation and maintenance.
  3. Multi-Purpose Use
    These units are also available in a heat pump. Adding heating capabilities to all the benefits you can expect from the typical ductless cooling version and cost only a little more than a cooling only version. They are also a great compliment to your condo building’s existing heat system. Most of these units may also qualify for some additional government rebates.

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Check out our ductless system options available for your home, including the state-of-the-art Ductless Daikin Emura and the Daikin Aurora.

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