When the temperature drops, so does the humidity. Dry winter air can make it uncomfortable to spend time inside your home and can aggravate skin and breathing problems. Combat the uncomfortable winter air with a whole home humidifier from HAMCO Heating & Cooling Ltd.   

Negative Effects of Dry Winter Air:

  • Cracked, chapped skin.
  • Dry throat, irritated sinuses and a higher risk of asthma and allergy symptoms.
  • Increased static electricity causing static shocks and flyaway hair.
  • Possible damage to wooden furniture inside your home and increased dust accumulation.

Whole Home Humidifier Installation
As the name implies, a whole home humidifier disperses water vapour throughout your home via the ductwork and works in conjunction with your heating system. Unlike portable, room humidifiers — you can control the level of humidity for the entire home. This will ensure that you’re comfortable as you travel from room to room and will help to protect your furniture and furnishings.

In addition to increasing home comfort, a whole home humidifier can also help lower monthly hydro bills. Dry winter air can make you feel cold, even if you raise the thermostat. Many people without a humidifier keep increasing the temperature hoping to get comfortable and cozy. However, by increasing the humidity in your home, you’ll feel warmer at a lower temperature.   

It’s important to have optimal humidity in your home during the winter months. A whole home humidifier will promote healthy living and create a better environment for you and your family during the cold, dry winter season. 

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