It’s no secret that AC systems are a financial investment. As you do research about air conditioner prices, you’ll notice that there can be some variation in quotes and that’s based on three main factors.

1. Air Conditioner Manufacturer
When it comes to air conditioners, quality matters and prices can vary based on the manufacturer. It’s important to balance the initial investment cost with the potential for expensive repairs in the future. Remember, warranties can provide significant savings in the future—so be sure to take manufacturer warranties into account when comparing air conditioner prices.

2. SEER Rating and Energy Efficiency
High-efficiency air conditioners generally have a higher upfront cost than their lower-efficiency counterparts. However, they can provide greater savings each month on hydro bills. The listed SEER rating on air conditioners can help consumers compare models and make an informed decision about initial AC installation cost and future savings on energy bills.

3. Installation Company
The installation company is the final determining factor in air conditioner prices. A properly installed AC system will keep the home cool and comfortable all summer long and can operate safely and reliably for years to come. A hasty (and inexpensive) air conditioner installation can compromise energy-efficiency and lead to expensive breakdowns and repairs.

When looking for a new cooling system, it’s important to consider the total upfront cost versus the potential need for future repairs. It makes more sense to invest in a quality air conditioner, installed by a reputable company—rather than trying to save money by choosing subpar equipment and working with a company that cuts corners to keep costs down.

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