Many people don’t pay much attention to their garage in the winter. It’s a place to keep the car free of snow and it’s also the catchall for any item that doesn’t have a place inside the house. However, the garage can provide valuable space. It can be used as a workshop or hobby space or can be used to ensure that your car will not only be protected from the snow but also the freezing cold temperatures, especially if you have a garage heater!

Garages are not connected to the home’s heating and cooling systems, so it’s susceptible to significant temperature swings. In the winter, that means the garage isn’t much warmer than outside, making the space useless for anything other than storage. However, there are specially designed garage propane or natural gas heaters that keep the space warm, even on the coldest days, while keeping heating costs low.

By increasing the garage temperature, you now have usable space for household projects or a hobby. Even if you don’t want to use the garage as extra workspace, installing a garage heater can help your car get through the winter. Not only is nice to get into a warm car, but it’s also easier to start a vehicle when the temperature is above freezing and there’s no need to have to use an engine heater.

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