Daikin—the world’s leader in heating and cooling systems—has announced a number of new products. The Daikin Fit is a revolutionary HVAC system that has been designed for maximum installation flexibility while providing unparalleled comfort. Recently, they also introduced the Daikin thermostat—the first smart thermostat to provide two-way communication with Daikin HVAC systems and indoor air quality monitoring.

The new Daikin One+ smart thermostat is a product of Daikin’s commitment to innovative design and incorporates a number of features that can help improve efficiency and comfort all year long.

Core Features of the New Daikin Thermostat

Easy Temperature Adjustments
Adjust the temperature by using the touch-screen interface or turn the dial. An LED light in the system turns on and indicates when the system is cooling (blue LED) and warming (red LED).

Easy Scheduling Interface
A dedicated screen displays an easy-to-understand schedule that shows when the system is set to turn on and off. You’re able to easily change the schedule in edit mode, where you simply adjust the set points.

Energy Saving Mode
The away screen can be set manually at the thermostat or through the use of geo-fencing technology that automatically detects when connected phones have left the home.

Smart Home Integration
The Daikin One+ has WiFi capabilities to connect to a home router and can be seamlessly integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant—allowing homeowners to control the thermostat with voice controls.

What Sets the New Daikin Thermostat Apart
The above features are improved versions of other smart thermostats, but what really sets the Daikin One+ thermostat apart is its ability for two-way communication with Daikin heating and cooling systems and the ability to monitor indoor air quality and make adjustments—right at the thermostat.

We believe that homeowners with Daikin heating and cooling systems will significantly benefit from the added convenience and efficiency offered by the new Daikin One+ thermostat.

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