Upgrading your cooling system is a financial investment and will have a significant effect on your home comfort—so it’s important to choose the right brand. To make sure you’re installing the best air conditioner brand, take into consideration where the parts/components are made, warranty details and manufacturer reputation.

The quality of components is extremely important when purchasing an air conditioner. When researching the best air conditioner brand to install, make sure to ask where the system’s parts were manufactured and assembled. Generally, if they were made in North America, it will be of a higher build quality than if they were made in Mexico or China.

The best air conditioners are backed by comprehensive manufacturer warranties. Companies that believe in their products don’t mind offering long warranties because they’re confident their systems are built to last. Always ask about warranty length, what’s included and requirements needed to keep the warranty valid.

If you’re still unsure which air conditioner is the best, do some online research of your top picks. See what other homeowners have to say about their experience with the manufacturer, brand and model to see if there are common complaints (or praises).

Proper installation is just as important as the air conditioner brand. You could buy the best AC system in the world, but if it’s improperly installed, you’ll have uneven cooling, high energy bills and frequent breakdowns. Make sure you thoroughly research the installation company and ensure that they do the work themselves—not subcontract it out to a third party.

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