The Daikin Fit is a revolutionary new air conditioner that comes with a variety of benefits. One of the biggest advantages of this new AC is that it’s an extremely slim unit that is perfect for zero-lot lines, patios or multi-storey locations.

While traditional cube style air conditioners are the most common, they take up a lot of space in the yard and can be nearly impossible to install in certain areas.

The Daikin Fit is small in size and utilizes side discharge technology that allows it to be easily installed in extremely tight spaces.

Even though the Daikin Fit has a slim design, the smart AC system doesn’t compromise on comfort. The inverter variable speed compressor can reduce energy consumption while delivering consistent cooling without temperature fluctuations. It also seamlessly integrates with existing ductwork.

Another benefit of the Fit is that it is extremely quiet. At only 55 decibels, the Fit is about as loud as a normal conversation between two people. Cube style condensers are louder and measure in at about 76 decibels, which is the same noise level as running a vacuum cleaner. The Fit’s quiet operation means that it can be installed anywhere in the backyard and won’t disturb you and your family.

The Daikin Fit is quickly becoming a popular option for homeowners in the Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and surrounding areas who are looking to upgrade their comfort. If you’re looking to replace your current AC, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on this new Daikin product.

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