Since air conditioners can last a long time, homeowners don’t have to buy a new cooling system that often. As a result, you might not be completely familiar with certain terms when researching new AC systems. One thing that we get a lot of questions about is the difference between single-stage vs. two-stage cooling. While it sounds complex, it’s actually pretty easy to understand and directly relates to the air conditioner’s compressor.

Single-Stage Cooling vs. Two-Stage Cooling
Since it’s older technology, single-stage cooling is what many people have in their homes. When the temperature in your home rises above what the thermostat is set to, the air conditioner turns on full-power until the temperature drops. Once the inside has cooled off, the system turns off. This on-off cycle continues throughout the day.

Two-stage cooling is a newer technology that provides more flexibility. While the system turns on when the temperature rises inside, it’s not always blasting at full capacity. It will operate at full-power on extremely hot days, but it can run at limited capacity on milder days.

There are many benefits of two-stage cooling. Since single-stage units operate at full-power all the time, they end up using more energy (and costing more to run) than two-stage units. Two-stage cooling also allows you to more efficiently remove moisture from inside your home because the system runs longer and more consistently.

If you’re looking to upgrade your air conditioner, it’s important to remember that two-stage systems can cost more than their single-stage counterparts, but they’re also more efficient, saving you money month over month.

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