You would notice pretty quickly if you didn’t have hot water, but many of us overlook the equipment responsible for this luxury, water heaters. Here are some tips that will improve the efficiency of your water heater to ensure you have toasty showers for years to come.

Lower The Temperature
The thermostats on water heaters are typically set to 140°F, but some households have them set even higher. The right temperature for every homeowner varies, but if you are looking to slow down the build-up of minerals in your system, leaving it closer to the setting of 140°F ensures safe operation and limits the buildup of bacteria. 120°F is considered the optimal household tank temperature for saving money and giving ample hot water, while posing the least amount of scalding danger. But this temperature does not guarantee the killing of bacteria like 140°F will.

Reduce Shower Time
We all love to take long hot showers, but they can take a serious toll on your monthly utility bill. Water heating usually accounts for 18% of utility costs to begin with, and long showers can drastically increase that number.

Use Cold Water For Laundry
Washing machines use a lot of water to complete a cycle, and using hot water to do your laundry can put a lot of stress on your water heater and your wallet. Choosing to do cold-water cycles can save you a lot of money, and clothes tend to last longer when they are washed in cold water opposed to hot water.

Install A Timer
One water heater efficiency tip most people don’t know about is installing a timer. Traditional water heater tanks run constantly, which is a huge waste of electricity when you consider how often you actually use your hot water. You can install a timer that will turn your water heater off at night or while you’re at work to conserve energy. This can also increase the lifespan of your unit as it won’t be running all the time.

Replace Your Aging Unit
You should seriously consider replacing your unit if it is more than ten years old. Not only will a new water heater be more efficient, but it can also be dangerous to continue to use an outdated or damaged unit. Older water heaters have been known to burst and leak, which could cause serious damage to your home.

By following these tips, you can easily improve the efficiency of your water heater!
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