Searching for a cooling system for your new home, or a replacement for the one in your current home, can be overwhelming because of all of the options available. We put together a brief guide covering the main air conditioner options available to help Hamilton residents find the best unit for their homes.

Central Air Conditioners
Central air systems are one of the most popular options available, and if your home in Hamilton has pre-existing ductwork, they are likely the best air conditioner option for your home. The main portion of the system is located outside of your home, and the indoor portion, which is known as an evaporator coil, is installed above the existing furnace. They require a professional HVAC technician to install them, as will the other systems on this list, but the home comfort results are well worth it.

Ductless Systems
Ductless heating and cooling systems have been gaining popularity in recent years and for good reason. If your home doesn’t have pre-existing ductwork because it is older or relies on radiators for heat, then a ductless system will be the best air conditioner option for your home in Hamilton. There are two styles of ductless cooling systems available, which we have included below, and both are excellent options for a primary or supplemental cooling source. Ductless systems are extremely energy efficient, and their zoned cooling capabilities will drastically increase your home comfort.

Ductless Air Conditioners
If you are only looking for a cooling system for your home because you already have a heating system, then a ductless air conditioner is likely the best option for your Hamilton home. Ductless air conditioners have a single outdoor unit, which acts similarly to the outdoor condensers that central air systems use, but the cold air is distributed throughout your home using a series of wall or ceiling-mounted indoor units. The indoor units are sleek and streamline, and because they are located around your home and can be independently controlled, you can use them to customize the temperature in the areas they are in to create cooling zones.

Ductless Heat Pumps
Don’t let the name fool you, ductless heat pumps are an excellent cooling system option, and if your home in Hamilton doesn’t currently have a heating system or air conditioner, they might be the best option. Ductless heat pumps function almost identically to ductless air conditioners, but they can heat your home as well during the colder months of the year. Some models even go down to -25C. They are also a great option to compliment an existing system to help heat/cool and addition or repurposed attic space.

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